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Physical Therapy

Our passion is based on determining the source of the injury, developing a custom designed short and long term plan to diminish and solve the problem, implement the plan by applying state of the art manual therapy and rehabilitative treatment, extinguish the source of the problem and its secondary effects, and furthermore, educate the patient to

prevent future injury. We foster a continuum of care that encourages consistency by maintaining the relationship between the evaluating therapist and the patient. Diversity in our staff’s training also allows superb consultation by other therapists aiding the progress of our patients.  Our formula for rehabilitation also includes constant consultation with your physician and other medical, sport, rehabilitative professionals that, in the vast majority of cases, addresses the injury head on with a solution. 


As your therapist strives to relieve your pain, increase mobility, improve your daily function, correct your bio-mechanics, address your posture, and assigns you a home exercise program, you may experience increased muscle spasms, pain, or fatigue, or even feel like you have lost ground.  Manuel therapy means “hands on treatment.”  Mobilization of ligaments, tendons, tight muscles, and joints is a vital part of our treatment.  As we fiddle with this veritable “hornets nest” we are sometimes met with inflammation and/or initial discomfort.  In many cases our patients report immediate relief and/or resolution of significant symptoms.  Your physician’s diagnosis and medical history will determine whether your progress may be quick or slower than expected. 


Those who take treatment seriously, keep their appointments, follow their physician’s prescription, and perform their home exercises will, in the majority of cases, actualize their goals sooner and witness the full recuperative affects of aggressive and focused treatment. The greatest asset overall is the success of our patients.  We owe our much of our growth to our patients and the family and friends that they refer to us for treatment.






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